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Our Emergency Gas Engineer serving Gloucestershire is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Emergency Gas Repair Gloucester

As a Gloucester resident, you understand the absolute indispensability of an effective household gas supply system. Heating equipment, like many boilers, uses gas to give the conveniences you need. Leaking gas renders your house uninhabitable; it is also a fire hazard.

You need a reliable out of hours gas engineer on speed dial, and we have just the right person for all your gas emergencies. The lead expert in our gas team is highly trained, has gas-safe certification and has gathered vast experience in gas matters over the years. Besides the his experience, we have the resources and manpower necessary to enable him and the team to respond quickly to your emergencies.

Our gas leak engineer and the team offer truly rapid gas services in Gloucester because our response time is the best in the area. Our ability to respond quickly is because we have been monitoring and fine-tuning all our systems to enable us to minimize our response time. This is a process of continuous improvement that helps us ensure we offer you the best services whenever you need a 24 hour gas engineer near you.

Our Gloucester Emergency Gas Repair Services:

Gas Boiler Repairs:

Call us if your gas boiler is acting up. Our technical team consists of experts in repairing all types of boilers, including the newest varieties. We are specialised in gas boilers so you should call us whatever the problem may be. If it is making strange noises or is not pumping water, or maybe that your boiler has failed to start, we are on call to solve your problem.

Out of Hours Boiler Repair:

We are the type of business that will respond to your call even after regular working hours because we offer a 24-hour service. Call us if you can’t have your boiler repaired during regular working hours. It may be because you are working during the day or noticed the fault late. Whatever the reason is, we respond on a fast call out basis.

Emergency Gas Boiler Repairs:

Some of the problems you experience with gas boilers can’t wait. A boiler leaking gas, for example, is a significant fire hazard, the kind of which you want repaired immediately. We are aware of the sensitivity of the service we offer, and we respond to calls with great speed anywhere in Gloucester whenever you need a call out gas engineer.

Leaking Boiler Repairs:

Repairing a leaking boiler may appear a low tech activity, but it is vital. A leaking boiler has low water pressure, and it can cause water damage to your house. We are experts at safely repairing any leakages. Our emergency gas boiler engineer will assist.

24 Hour Gas Boiler Repairs:

Our business never closes, and we are available throughout the day and night to offer our services as and when you need them. A 24 hour gas engineer is ready to help.

So, do you need an emergency gas engineer in Gloucester? Then contact us today.


How much do gas engineers charge per hour?

The cost of a gas engineer will vary. If you book in a normal gas engineer, the prices could be £30 to £60 + per hour. If you call an 24hr Gas Engineer, then the price will be higher (£190 to £250) since they provide a fast call out service. We only provide an emergency service. Call us for a fixed price.

How long does it take for a gas engineer to come out?

The time it takes for a gas boiler engineer to come out will depend on if the engineer is a normal specialist or an urgent gas engineer. A normal gas safe registered engineer will book you in maybe 1 or 2 weeks later. An 24 hour gas safe engineer will try to get out to you within 30 to 90 minutes.

What do gas safe engineers do?

Gas safe engineers do a variety of jobs. They service boilers, install boilers, and deal with other gas work in general. An emergency gas safe engineer only caries out emergency call out work, such as same day boiler repairs